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AG European Security & Investigations

AG European Security & Investigations is an International detective agency, based in Italy, which offers its services to private citizens, companies and institutions.
The Firm was founded in 2003 by Mr. Antonio Gigliotti, a former high rank law enforcement officer with more than twenty years of experience in the field within the most notorious government departments engaged in the fight against organized crimes.
Every member of AG European Security & Investigations is qualified by the highest security institutions, specializing in securing people and assets.

Logo Federpol AG European Security & Investigations observes the Federpol’s Code of Ethics


AG European Security & Investigations deploys advanced investigative techniques, integrating the most sophisticated technologies.
AG European Security & Investigations offers a range of consulting services, guaranteeing the highest level of privacy to the clients.
Through the investigations, the Firm vows to maintain direct contact with the client, in order to proceed accordingly to the client’s needs and requirements.
Once the investigation is finalized, a detailed file will be submitted, attaching a broad range of evidences with pictures and data which will be supportive to a potential court case.




  Marital infidelity
  Post-marriage with proof in court base
  Calculation or revision of the maintenance allowance
  Income capacity due to financial solvency for maintenance
  Determination of inheritance
  Civil disputes
  IT investigations
  Elder abuse & circunve
  Reliability maids and babysitters
  Anonymous correspondence
  Blackmail and harassment
  Tracing missing or untraceable people
  Custody of minors
  Control of minors
    - using drugs
    - suspicious friendships
  Environmental remediation of bugs & micro cameras
  Cellular remediation



  Industrial counter-espionage and anti-sabotage
  Stealing of formulas or manufacturing processes
  Unfair competition/competitors
  Counterfeiting trademarks and products
  Protection of trademarks and patents
  Professional infidelity
  Pre-employment investigations
  Telephone and environmental remediation from abusive wiretapping
  Environmental investigations against ecological damage

Business Intelligence  

Business Intelligence

  Commercial investigations on people and legal people
  Statutory, accounting (budgets), land registry, Chamber of Commerce, Court, P.R.A.
  Check references and professional reputation
  Balance sheet situations
  Information for credit recovery



  Dynamics of claims
  Professional responsibility
  Compensation at work


AG European Security & Investigations collaborates with prestigious law firms for the acquisition of evidence, both in support of the defensive investigations in criminal trials, and also to prepare a preventive defensive strategy.
Preventive defensive investigations are a useful tool in order to gather evidence ahead of a criminal proceeding.


  Search for evidence, counter-evidence and documentation
  Validation of alibi
  Tracing of witnesses
  Direct testimony in court
  Calligraphic appraisals
  Scientific surveys and evidence (fingerprints, DNA, etc..)


AG European Security & Investigations has been operating in the security sector for decades, gaining wide experience in the field ranging expertises within law enforcement and military.


  Consulting for security systems and safety procedures
  Study and installation of anti-theft and anti-intrusion system
  IT security
  Measures against threats, blackmail or harassment
  Advice and measures to be taken for personal safety
  Protection of the person
  Accompaniment of minors
  Anti-seizure measures
  Security for events and entertainment venues
  Inventory checks in commercial spaces
  Access control
  Surveillance and concierge
  Training of security operators


AG European Security & Investigations offers international security services, supporting companies operating in environments at a medium and high risk level of danger. The Firm is constantly monitoring the market seeking for developments to cope with the changing and evolving threats in the interest of the clients and the safety of its operators.


  Study of safety procedures in relation to the company needs
  Geopolitical and delinquent analysis of the host country
  Contact with the embassy and/or consulate, army/police, local medical services
  Contact with government entities
  Recruitment and training of local forces
  Training of employees on behaviors to adopt for their safety
  Compounds and safety houses planning
  Transfer planning
  Protection of expatriates
  Infrastructure protection
  Exfiltration plan


AG European Security & Investigations provides background checks of individuals and due diligence of companies, for the following purposes:
asset investigations, investment opportunities, mergers and/or acquisitions, business relationships.
The Firm carries out due diligence activities world wide.
By providing much more in-depth examinations than a standard background check, the costs of work engagement are assessed based on emerging investigation needs. Specifically, the support activity for the due diligence and risk assessment processes concerns :


  Anticipation of the dispute
  Evaluation of potential sellers or suppliers
  Evaluation of potential customers
  Risk capital
  Mergers & Acquisitions
  Private Equity
  Hedge Funds
  Angel Investments


  AG European Security & Investigations S.r.l.

  Via Bernardino Ramazzini, 3    20129 Milano

  VAT N. IT-08852560963

  Tel. 02 29 41 22 69

  Fax 02 29 41 52 24

  Antonio Gigliotti

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